We combine branded storytelling, web development, and user experience design to create a memorable impression.




Our agency helps brands to define their purpose, tell meaningful stories and show how they are relevant across all media platforms.  We are also workaholics who don't mind overpaying for good coffee.


Dedicated team members offer a wide range of design and development services, specializing in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). We build digital destinations that result in increased ROI.




Yellow Brick has proven experience in building private label, multi-tier platforms that include: visually-stunning designs, sophisticated front-end development and robust back-end solutions.





Modern design with sophisticated functionality


Featured in Division I universities across the country, “The Sponstour Music Experience” is a digital learning experience designed for students to start and operate their own record label in the classroom.  In association with major labels such as Sony and Universal, this robust platform features a dynamic scoring engine, gamification package, custom user dashboard, 30-second animated intro video and a responsive design framework.




A trendy website gets a signature look.


Initially designed to be an online review site for salon and spas, this platform is getting a makeover of its own!. Our concept dev team worked tirelessly with the client to elevate their brand's offering by adding an extensive interface and reservation delivery system that provides faster connectivity between beauty/wellness industry businesses and their consumers.  This powerful and seamless integration will result in enhanced rate optimization and lead generation.




A groundbreaking website gets a new coat of paint


E29, The world’s first global A&R Company, traveled down the Yellow Brick Road in search of new branding.  Our creative team was tasked with establishing new brand guidelines and designing a website that would create a lasting impression with prospective clients and industry connections.  The site features a custom graphics package, dynamic media player and a 30-second animated intro video.




Modern design to match superior performance


Yellow Brick designed and built the brand from the ground up, creating a distinct brand identity for this independent country artist (*no comma) to set her apart from the competition.  We carefully crafted her overall look, including a behind-the-scenes (*plural) video series, photography and CD art work to accompany the new site design.




Yellow Brick goes on the road with Camplified!


Camplified is a celebrity, music and branded interactivity fantasy experience. It begins in the morning when trucks roll into camp, prep the camp-stage, break out the sound system, lighting and generators, band equipment, set up the branded tents and activities for campers and the enthusiasm of the campers intensifies.